Renowned Activist in ‘Eco-Spirituality’, Matthew Fox to Lead Retreat at La Casa de Maria August 1st-3rd

La Casa de Maria, an interfaith retreat and conference center located in Santa Barbara, is featuring “Our Emergence into Christ Consciousness” with Matthew Fox, PhD., internationally acclaimed spiritual theologian, Episcopal priest, and activist.

The highly-anticipated retreat will take place August 1st-3rd in Santa Barbara. Focusing on the presence of the Christ Consciousness that is continually incarnated in all of creation, Matthew Fox will discuss his ideas surrounding the Creation Spiritualty Movement.

With the notion that we move through this time of great peril to our planet, awakening to a dynamic and viable Christ Consciousness can provide for us deep wisdom and calling with which we can incarnate into our ways of living and being.

“We are delighted to welcome Matthew Fox as one of the country’s most well-respected speakers in his field of expertise and as one of the great spiritual minds of his generation” said Juliet-Spohn-Twomey, Associate Director of La Casa de Maria. “We are excited and honored to provide the Santa Barbara Community with speakers on issues around faith, the environment and social justice that are imperative for our time.”

La Casa de Maria hosts a wide variety of community groups and organizations focusing on spiritual, educational, community building, peace, social and economic justice, at-risk youth, and the environment.

The nonprofit organization also sponsors its own programs, focusing on spiritual renewal, personal growth, education, health and healing, arts and civic renewal.

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About Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is a prophetic author, educator, theologian, and contemporary scholar/activist for a creation-centered spirituality. He has written over 30 books, including the Cosmic Christ and a new work on Meister Eckhart: A Mystic Warrior for Our Time.

More recently known for being one of the most pivotal and controversial people in the Catholic Church over the past 50 years, Matthew Fox also promotes women/feminism, social justice and ecology as key spiritual areas.

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About La Casa de Maria

La Casa de Maria is an interfaith retreat and conference center serving nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, and individuals since 1955. Hosting an average of 250 organizations annually, La Casa is a source of inspiration and renewal for about 12,000 people each year.

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