Mission, Vision and Goals

The mission of La Casa is to be a sanctuary of peace for individuals and groups as they renew purpose, strengthen community, and increase their effectiveness in the world.


The vision of La Casa is to provide, through its programs and its environment, a place where persons of all spiritual paths search for wisdom, engage in dialogue, embrace the sacred, and nourish body, mind, and spirit, so that refreshed and renewed, they participate more responsibly in the creation of a just, peaceful world, and a whole, healthful earth.

The goals of La Casa are –
To cultivate spiritual growth,
To foster understanding and respect for diverse cultural and spiritual traditions,
To promote the common good of our communities through art, education, health and healing,
To nurture a culture of peace and social justice and
to renew the earth.


About Us—Overview

La Casa is a beloved refuge of peace where individuals and groups can renew body, mind, and spirit. More

Mission, Vision, and Goals

The mission of La Casa is to be a sanctuary of peace. More


La Casa’s first residents were the Chumash people who tended the spirit and the beings of this land. More


La Casa is stewarded by the Immaculate Heart Community, a lay, ecumenical community of women and men. More


Enjoy a visit around La Casa’s 26 acres of semi-rural land, nestled between mountain and sea. More

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Listen to comments from people who know us. More

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