Latest Update on La Casa de Maria – November 2018

Slowly but surely, the grounds of La Casa de Maria and the Center for Spiritual Renewal are getting cleaned up and plans are being made for the rebuild of the property.

In making plans for the rebuild, the staff, the Board of Trustees and the Coordinating Council are visioning what is possible with the property, given new maps of the flood plains, and feedback from local experts. The goal is to design the 26 acre property so that La Casa de Maria offers the same spirit of peacefulness that encourages creativity and meditation but will take into account recommendations for safe management and ongoing stewardship of the property. It’s a lot to re-imagine La Casa with new opportunities with a new landscape and horizon.

Buildings to replace all the spaces that were lost will be designed with thoughtful consideration for the depth and breadth of programming that can be hosted on a rejuvenated La Casa. We envision that La Casa will host state of the art retreats and welcome some of the most creative and insightful minds of our time to our sacred space.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to recreate this space in the spirit of the five goals that have long been the underpinning of La Casa de Maria – with the intention to cultivate spiritual growth; to foster understanding and respect for diverse cultural and spiritual traditions; to promote the common good of our communities through art, education and health and healing; to nurture a culture of peace and social justice; and in all that we do, to renew the earth.