What is Love? A Celebration of Rumi

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Friday 2/10/2017 - Sunday 2/12/2017
5:30 pm - 12:00 pm

Program Leader
Fariba Enteshari

What is love? Gratitude. What is hidden in our chest? Laughter. What else? Compassion. ~Rumi

Rumi, the 13th century master poet longs to be the midwife of our souls and to help us give birth to the essence of love hidden within. In an awakening and heart opening weekend, we will unfold our own inner wisdom by letting Rumi’s poetry lead us on a spiritual journey. Regardless of our traditional backgrounds, we come together as one soul ~ to listen, read, reflect, and transform, with Rumi’s poetry.

Poem by poem, we nurture and reconnect to the essence of love within. We will explore practices of Sama* and Zikehr* within Sufism, and will interpret the condensed imagery and symbolic language of Rumi’s poetry, in order to weave it into our contemporary lives.  In interactive sessions, we will read poems that inspire us to converse together and explore the different aspects of love.

Join us as we walk the path of enlightenment and transformation through stages of love within Rumi’s poetry. We will journey with Rumi from the turmoil of our time to the timeless wisdom of universal love, understanding, oneness, and interconnectedness.

*Sama, a physical, active meditation know as Sufi whirling that encourages the direct connection to the Source. *Zikehr, a form of meditation on attributes of GOD, an effort toward remembrance of who we are in the image of GOD.

Fariba Enteshari, EdD, is an international educator, specializing in Rumi. She has devoted her life to the transformational teachings of Rumi through his poetry and epic masterpiece, Mathnawi, and its seven stages of enlightenment. Through her years of teaching Rumi to a wide variety of students, she has researched the beneficial and healing effects of Rumi’s poetry on the lives of her students.

Born in Iran, she is fluent in Rumi’s native language and culture, so that she can share with us the original melody and cadences of his language. She is the founder of the Interfaith Rumi Educational Center in Santa Barbara.

Friday, 5:30 pm – Sunday, Noon

$515 single / $415 double / $315 commuter

For further information or to register for this program, call (805) 969-2474 or email: info@centerforspiritualrenewal.org