The Grail Quest: Drink from the Cup of Your Unlimited Self

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Friday 1/27/2017 - Sunday 1/29/2017
7:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Program Leader
Gary Ferguson

Are you wondering how you can step into being the change you want to see in the world? Come unravel the limiting patterns and beliefs that hold you back from expressing your most expanded self, reconnect to what is alive within you, and learn a framework to support you in navigating your path forward, even in challenging times. You will leave this weekend with tools to fully actualize your creative potential – no matter what your goals are, no matter what life stage you are in.

In this retreat, you will learn tools to:

  • Transcend the subconscious conditioning that holds you back
  • Discover your mythic path
  • Use embodied awareness as a gateway for accessing your inner wisdom
  • Recognize the life lessons that are the stepping stones to fulfilling your sacred calling
  • Pinpoint the qualities of experience that are the foundation for creating the life you want
  • Identify the energetic patterns and dynamics underneath key life events and situations
  • Navigate challenging life situations and transitions
  • Give a voice to the archetypal expressions that want to be a part of your life

Gary Ferguson, inspirational teacher, healer and coach, has been assisting people in their physical healing and the actualization of their creative potential since healing himself from cancer in 1993. At the time Gary was diagnosed with cancer he was a principal trumpet player in a symphony. Early challenges in his healing process – metastasis and a failure to respond to conventional treatment – drove him to seek a variety of healing paths in order to reclaim his health and wellness.

Learning to tap into the wisdom of his body and allowing the illness to guide him back into the river of life required letting go of being a musician and honoring the creative expressions that were yearning to be a part of his life. As he embodied the transformation of becoming a healer, guide and teacher to others, his body “miraculously” started to respond to treatment. By creating a new relationship to life and using adjunctive cancer treatments to support his body in the healing process, he not only responded to conventional treatment, but was cancer free in 12 weeks.

Gary has created a unique model of healing using a blend of ancient wisdom and 21st century science that focuses on people reclaiming their creative authenticity and sharing their unique gifts as the foundation of their healing process. With this model Gary has helped thousands of clients overcome physical and emotional blockages that were holding them back from healing or from creating the lives they desired.

Gary is certified in a variety of healing modalities and as a life coach, and is a specialist in mind-body medicine and applied kinesiology. He is a dynamic public speaker and trainer, and teaches classes and workshops on health and wellness, performance enhancement, personal growth, and self-transformation. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Awakening Into Your Mythic Life.

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