Nature’s Apprentice: Connecting to the Transformative Power of the Elements

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Friday 9/23/2016 - Sunday 9/25/2016
7:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Program Leader
Monique Fay, Katherine Morrow

The Ancients knew that feeling connected to mother earth is crucial for our sanity and wellbeing. Using the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and space, this workshop will reconnect you to the healing power of nature. Outer experiences in nature will be illuminated through inner explorations guided by the incomparable photography and wisdom found in the nature-based Apprentice Cards. Each participant will receive their own personal deck of cards to work with both during the retreat and at home afterwards.

Monique Fay, MA in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, author and nature photographer. Utilizing her exquisite photography, Monique has achieved a unique and powerful style of healing and teaching.

Katherine L. Morrow, PhD, is a poet, editor, and artist who teaches meditation in Santa Barbara.

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