Wednesday Retreat Day: How is the Sacred Born in You? Dreams, Visions and Insights in the Christmas Story

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Wednesday 12/9/2015
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Program Leader
Steve Jacobsen

Note: This is a revised program topic, as John Pelletier and Elizabeth Gay are unable to join us.

There are elements of the Christmas story that are well-known thanks to the many readings, cards, carols and pageants that appear every year.  But beneath and around these familiar narratives in Luke and Matthew lies a fascinating and evocative story that includes five dreams and two visions, hints about the role of gender in spiritual development, and a template for understanding how the presence of the sacred is conceived and born in each one of us.  On this day we will use the sacred stories, a wide variety of art images (from the Renaissance to the present), and music (both traditional and contemporary) to uncover the psychological depth and richness that lies hidden in the  Christmas story.

Steve Jacobsen, La Casa’s Co-Director, will share his love of art, music and spirituality in this multifaceted day of inquiry.


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