Embracing the Divine Feminine: Spiritual Ecstasy and the Song of Songs

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Friday 4/10/2015 - Sunday 4/12/2015
7:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Program Leader
Rami Shapiro

The Song of Songs, sometimes called the Song of Solomon, is one of the most dangerous books in the entire biblical canon. Disguised as erotic love poetry between a woman and her beloved, the Song is actually a map to mystical ecstasy and spiritual awakening.  It is a story of love between Lady Wisdom/Sophia and you, the seeker of Wisdom.  Through silent meditation, chanting, text study, and contemplative self–inquiry you will meet Lady Wisdom, learn how to decode the map of the Song, and engage in spiritual practices to discover Wisdom’s Garden within and be embraced by Wisdom’s love without.

Rami Shapiro is one of the most creative Rabbis in contemporary American Judaism. He draws on a deep reverence and love of the world’s religions.

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