Céile Dé – A Living Celtic Spiritual Tradition

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Friday 10/16/2015 - Monday 10/19/2015
4:00 pm

Program Leader
Sue Mosher

Céile Dé means ‘Servants of God/Life’.  An ancient, esoteric tradition, born in the Gaelic countries, Céile Dé grew from its Druidic roots and branched into Christ consciousness in the first millennium. For centuries it existed solely as a monastic tradition, but in 2004 it opened its gates to all sincere seekers.

Céile Dé has always been a path for spiritually mature practitioners who know the difference between conceptual spirituality and actually walking one’s talk. It is for people who wish to walk a path that is both practical and devotional, opening to mystical union. It is for people who understand that the spiritual life is not about having ‘beliefs’ or ‘dogma’; rather, it is about moving beyond the boundaries of conditioned thinking toward that infinite consciousness called by the ancient Gaels ‘The Great Knowledge that Illuminates’.

There will be regular contemplative practices each day, and silence will be held between teaching sessions, in order to work with the powerful energies transmitted during teachings and practices. Written materials will be provided in order to support the teachings and aid further study and reflection after the retreat.

Each day will begin with meditation before breakfast and end with meditation before sleep; although it will possible to attend as a commuter, your experience will be deeper if you are able to stay in La Casa De Maria.

If this retreat will be is your first encounter with the Céile Dé tradition, you are encouraged to visit their website at www.ceilede.co.uk

ONGOING COMMUNITY: Interested newcomers will have the opportunity to consider further exploration of the Céile Dé tradition within local groups where ongoing support and guidance between annual retreats is made available.

Sue Mosher is an oide (teacher) in the ancient Céile Dé spiritual tradition from the Celtic lands, having been ordained in April 2012 on the sacred island of Iona. She is a founding member of Sgìre Calum Cille (District of Columba), the Céile Dé group that meets in Washington, DC.

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