Birth of the Undivided Self

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Tuesday 10/27/2015 - Friday 10/30/2015
5:30 pm - 12:00 pm

Program Leader
Katherine Collis

In many spiritual traditions the soul’s journey inhabits a sacred ecology inclusive of the inner life, one that is in a loving co-creative relationship to the experiences, circumstances and events of the physical world.

During these 3 days we will explore a navigational map from the soul’s perspective – one that guides participants through an understanding of the subtle, non-physical domains of our deepest self.  In many cases this relationship is broken; our ‘ground of being’ shaken or lost, out of balance with our sense of self, leaving us overwhelmed by outer events. Healing this divide between inner and outer worlds is crucial to moving into greater wholeness.

This gently guided retreat provides time for inward turning. We will explore how the soul is ever present, its wisdom and presence seeking to breakthrough in a myriad of ways into the substance and deeds of our life experience.  We will increase our awareness of how this deeper nature uniquely communicates using the language of synchronicity and intuition, visions and dreams, archetypes and symbols.

Practices for welcoming and deepening this connection will be shared and how simple acts of rest, stillness, inquiry and inner listening create conditions for birthing an undivided self.  There will be sessions for presentation and group sharing, as well as time set aside for quiet, prayer, journaling, and guided reflection.  Optional tools of art, sand play, the labyrinth and walking in the beauty of the grounds of La Casa de Maria are available.  Freshly prepared delicious garden to table meals are included.

Check-In:                    3:00 to 6:00 p.m.  (no dinner served Tuesday evening)

Program Starts:       7:00 p.m.

Program Ends:         Friday 12:00 Noon

Cost:                           $425 shared occupancy; $525 single occupancy

Please Note*  Meals begin Wednesday morning.  No dinner served Friday evening!

This Retreat will be held at the Center for Spiritual Renewal on the grounds of La Casa de Maria.

Call to Register: (805) 969-2474       Or email: [email protected]

About Katherine Collis:  Katherine is Retreat Leader for the Center for Spiritual Renewal, at La Casa de Maria Conference and Retreat Center in Santa Barbara.  With a background in gerontology and human development, she is a spiritual director, retreat and workshop leader, and for 34 years has led pilgrimages, most notably to the Isle of Iona, Scotland applying the wisdom of Celtic.