Artful Photography: Visual Prayer Flags ~ A Two-Part Workshop

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Tuesday 9/15/2015 - Tuesday 9/22/2015
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Program Leader
Joni Chancer

This two part workshop is about turning spirit-filled photographs into mixed-media art.  This is both an art class (exploring the possibilities of using printed photographs as a base for mixed media art) and a photography class (learning composition tips that will change the impact of your images).

Do you need to be an experienced photographer or artist to take this class? No.

In Session One, Joni will introduce you to two key ideas: metaphoric meaning and compositional possibilities. The meaning and the art of photography cannot be separated.

Joni will visually demonstrate possibilities to you, and you’ll try them out during your visual scavenger hunt for beauty and meaning (built into the day). You’ll have several simple assignments as you stroll the grounds of La Casa de Maria, discovering interesting and soulful subjects to photograph.

Do you need an expensive camera? No!

Bring your smart phone or whatever camera you own – your favorite device for taking photos – and you will be able to fully participate in all activities.

After lunch, Joni will sequentially guide you in experimenting with mixed media art techniques including acrylic painting (adding highlights), enhancing images with gouache and watercolor, and adding accents and deepening values with chalk pastels. You’ll practice on pre-printed quality copies of Joni’s photographs.

At the end of Session One, Joni will introduce you to a variety of options for printing your photographs – readily available papers that will turn your photos into art.

During the week between Session One and Session Two you will take a few of your own photographs.

In Session Two you will have guided studio time to experiment with a variety of art media and several art techniques as you enhance your printed images. Or, you may choose to work with some of the prepared 8 x 10 prints that Joni will have available. Your choice!

The demonstration and sequenced instructional sequences will ensure your success in photographically celebrating the beauty you discover at La Casa de Maria – skills you will continue to develop independently.

This program has two sessions – one on September 15 and one on September 22; both are full days (with or without lunch provided) and both are part of the same program.

Joni Chancer has facilitated art workshops nationally and internationally for over 20 years, inviting participants to discover, render, and celebrate the inspirational beauty of the natural world.

Please review our La Casa Program Cancellation and Refund Policy before registering for this program.

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