An Introduction to Capacitar: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World

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Saturday 10/22/2016
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Program Leader
Taran Collis

This one-day workshop offers a basic overview of key wellness and healing modalities that are a part of the Capacitar International trainings. These practices will enhance personal wellness and offer you tools to care for others. You will learn practices that you can begin to use immediately, such as Tai Chi movement, meditation and visualization, and a variety of healing practices that are derived from Eastern energy healing methodologies. Your will be taught practices that can enhance your well-being through stress reduction techniques.

This training will benefit participants personally as well as provide healing practices that would be useful for those working in outreach services, in the healing professions as well as education, ministry, psychology, social work, spirituality, and volunteer work.

Lunch is included.

Taran Collis is a certified Capacitar trainer who has taught Capacitar at La Casa. She also teaches Yoga and Ayurvedic workshops and retreats.

Capacitar International is a wellness and trauma healing training organization whose work is used in more than thirty countries. The practices are based on integrating spirituality and body wisdom modalities with a reasearch-based focus resulting in an experience that is truly holistic, incorporating body, mind and spirt. Capacitar promotes personal and communal well-being. The healing practices are taught with a popular education methodology and are appropriate for all education levels. Learn more at:

A four-part intensive training for practitioners is offered annually at La Casa. In 2017 the sessions will be March 10 – 12, July 7 – 9, September 15 – 17, and December 8 – 10. Attendance at all four sessions and the fulfillment of a practicum is required.

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