Wednesday Retreat Day — Advance Care Planning: A Gift to Yourself and the People You Love

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Wednesday 3/16/2016
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Program Leader
Rev. Laura Mancuso, Steve Jacobsen

As the saying goes, “none of us is getting out of here alive.” Yet too often, we live as though our own death is sure to be far in the future. If a sudden illness or injury occurs, our loved ones may be called upon to make difficult decisions about potential medical interventions. Through a process known as advance care planning, we can prepare for this moment and relieve them of the burden of wondering what we would want.

In this retreat, participants will be guided through a process of reflecting on their own goals, values, and preferences in the event of a medical crisis – a process known as Advance Care Planning. They will have the opportunity to record their insights and choices in a popular Advance Healthcare Directive document known as “The Five Wishes.”  The first two wishes focus on basic legal and medical decisions we all need to make, but beyond that we have the chance to express our deepest values: what makes life worth living, how we want to be cared for when the end comes, and how we want to be remembered. The process challenges us to know ourselves better. Having done so, people often report feeling liberated to enjoy life in new ways.

Join us as two experienced teachers walk us through this process of reflection and expression in a unique and illuminating way on the soulful grounds of La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Santa Barbara.

This workshop is co-sponsored by The Alliance for Living & Dying Well.

Rev. Laura L. Mancuso, MS, CRC is an interfaith minister who works with individuals and organizations in the Santa Barbara community as an end-of-life chaplain, spiritual advisor, and advance care planning facilitator & instructor. Steve Jacobsen is the former Executive Director of Hospice of Santa Barbara and Co-Director at La Casa de Maria.

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