Data Recovery – Thank you TechEase

When disaster strikes, you find out who your friends are.  For La Casa and others affected by the mud and debris slide, one very good friend has been TechEase.

TechEase generously offered free data recovery for those fortunate enough to find their computers buried under the mudslide and debris flow of January 9, 2018.

We lost our entire administrative building, where our main server and computers lived. Most everything was destroyed. Through some painstaking searching, we were able to find six computers buried under 15 feet of debris.  TechEase was able to clean and recover the data from all six of them. Two computers of the six were saved completely – casing and all. They cleaned out the drive and casings –now they are as good as new. We are deeply grateful.

Our thanks to all who are giving their time and support to help our community recover.